When is Easter 2017?

When is Easter Sunday 2017?

Easter Sunday 2017 is Sunday the 16th of April.

Easter Day, as it is also known, always falls on a Sunday, but the date does change; Easter can fall between March 22nd and April 25th, this is because the actual date worked out by the phases of the moon and the solar year, this is called the lunisolar calendar.

The way it is worked out is very complex, and totally beyond me, but if you are interested you can find all the information on wikipedia – Easter#Date_of_Easter, if you can make sense of it please do let me know.

Easter 2015-2017

Year Easter Sunday
2016 March 27th
2017 April 16th

Other “Chocolate” Events

Easter is probably the most celebrated “chocolate” day, Easter Eggs, chocolate Easter bunnies and novelty Easter chocolate. But there are other days that be, and are, enjoyed with chocolate.

Event Date
Valentine’s Day February 14th, and every year.
Valentine’s Day Chocolates
Mother’s Day March 6th 2016, fourth Sunday in Lent.
Father’s Day June 19th 2016, the third Sunday of June.
Father’s Day Chocolates

Any excuse for chocolate!