Thorntons Special Toffee Easter Egg

Thorntons Special Toffee Easter Egg, two classics from Thorntons brought together in an Easter egg, Thorntons milk chocolate and Thorntons Special Toffee.

Thorntons Special Toffee Easter Egg

The milk chocolate egg is presented in toffee brown and orange box with decorative elements of vintage chocolate factory, the front of the box has two windows in it, in the top window you can see the egg and below is a smaller window where you can see the bag of Thorntons Special Toffee, which come with the egg.

Although the outside of the egg looks smooth once you crack it open you can see the small pieces of crunchy toffee in the shell, which added texture an initial crunch which then becomes chewy, and making the chocolate sweeter. The chocolate egg is also debossed with Thorntons logo and flowers.

Thorntons Love Toffee Easter Egg Shell

If you want to make Thorntons Special Toffee Easter Egg even more special, you can personalise the egg by having a short message or a name iced on for free, which you will be able to see through the top window. See the Thorntons site for more details.

An Easter treat for lovers of Thorntons and toffee.

£6.00, 235g.

Labelled: Vegetarian and Gluten Free.