Thorntons Continental Statement Easter Egg

Thorntons Continental Statement Easter Egg, a large milk chocolate egg with a chocolate box containing a selection of Thorntons Continental chocolates, to celebrate both Easter and Thorntons 60th anniversary, from the Easter range at Debenhams.

Thorntons Continental Statement Easter Egg

This extra large egg is presented in a large box in a soft cream colour decorated with floral swirls and subtle gold detailing, and has a window in the front so you can see the egg and chocolates inside:

Thorntons Continental Statement Easter Egg Contents

The hollow milk chocolate egg is embellished with drizzles of white chocolate and dark chocolate, creating criss-crossing circular lines around the egg on a subtlety speckled shell.

Alongside the egg, well below the egg to be precise, is a box of eighteen Thorntons Continental chocolates; inspired by European foods and recipes the Continental collection has chocolate truffles, pralines, and chocolate versions of desserts, that reflect a passion for chocolate.

Thorntons Continental Chocolates

The mini box of Thorntons Continental chocolates contains two layers of chocolate with nine chocolates on each layer, so you get two of each flavour and eighteen chocolates in total. The chocolates are classics from Thorntons Continental range and include:

  • Diplomat: crunchy almonds and hazelnuts with a super smooth praline, covered in smooth milk chocolate.
  • Sicilian Lemon Mousse: white and milk chocolate covering a light mousse flavoured with lemon from Sicily.
  • Alpini: sugar roasted almonds and hazelnuts in milk chocolate, dusted with icing sugar.
  • Viennese Truffles: a blend of white and milk chocolate covering a light mousse.
  • Vanille Truffles: a smooth vanilla flavour truffle centre in white and dark chocolate, with a hint of vanilla.

A perfect chocolate gift for Easter for the Thorntons Continental lover!

£15.00, 480g, a decorated chocolate egg and a box of 18 chocolates.

Only £10 when you order by 17/3/2015, from ocado.

Labelled: Vegetarian and Gluten Free.