The Heston Blumenthal Easter Egg

A dark chocolate Easter egg from Heston Blumenthal, part of the HESTON from Waitrose, a luxury Easter eggs with mini eggs inside, with a little Heston Blumenthal culinary magic.

The Heston Blumenthal Easter Egg

When I first heard about the Heston Blumenthal Easter egg I couldn’t wait to try it, even the box looks intriguing; a simple black cube with a ribbon handle on top and a “x-ray” of the chocolate Easter egg inside.

The shell of the Heston egg is made from 65% dark chocolate, this has a two tone effect with the glossy dark chocolate at the top and bottom and a band of hand sprayed chocolate round the middle, giving the egg a unique velvet finish.

Heston Blumenthal Easter Egg

Inside the dark chocolate egg are six milk chocolate mini eggs resting in a nest; the mini eggs are decorated to look like speckled hens eggs and are filled with mandarin ganache and the nest is made from vanilla flavour edible paper.

I really wanted to try this egg, but I just couldn’t find it in time – it isn’t on the Waitrose site and i could not find it in my local store, however I have managed to find it on ocado, just too late for me to get it try it and add I to my site. There are only meant to be 8,000 of The Heston Blumenthal Easter Egg so maybe they sold out and only ocado have stock left, anyway if anyone from Waitrose is reading this I would still like to try the egg, please feel free to get in touch.

£20.00, 370g.