The Giant Easter Egg

The Giant Easter egg, this massive Easter egg, from James Chocolates, is one of the biggest eggs you can buy for Easter 2015.

The Giant Easter Egg

Made by James Chocolates this massive egg is made with 2.5kg of milk chocolate, decorated with chocolate dust and large chocolate buttons with letters on, which spell out “Happy Easter”. This very impressive egg stands over 40cm high and 30cm at the widest point, because it is so big the egg has its own chocolate stand, so it doesn’t roll over, made from chocolate at the base of the giant egg.

The Giant Easter egg is presented in clear cellophane, presumable because they can’t find a box big enough, and tied with a James Chocolates ribbon. A very big egg!!

£79.99, for a massive 2.5kg of chocolate.

One of the fun things from Firebox.