‘The Connoisseur’ Extra Thick Dark Chocolate Easter Egg

An extra thick dark chocolate Easter egg with a selection of, high cocoa content, dark chocolate mini eggs, the Rabot 1745 ‘The Connoisseur’ extra thick dark chocolate Easter egg from Hotel Chocolat.

Rabot 1745 'The Connoisseur' Extra Thick Easter Egg

New for Easter 2013, the ‘The Connoisseur’ egg is cast in dark chocolate from the Rabot 1745 collection; a collection of chocolates, mainly chocolate bars, which use and celebrate rare cocoa from around the world to create pure chocolate. Hotel Chocolat’s Rabot 1745 range replaced the Purist range.

The extra thick dark chocolate Easter egg is one of seven Extra Thick Chocolate Easter Eggs from Hotel Chocolat’s Easter range. One half of the extra thick shell is made from 82% cocoa dark chocolate from Ecuador and the other half from 66% cocoa dark chocolate from Madagascar.

Inside the egg is a selection of Hotel Chocolat Egglets, mini egg shaped chocolates, twelve dark chocolate eggs in four different flavours:

'The Connoisseur' Mini Easter Eggs

  • Habanero Chilli Truffle Egglet: a Madagascan dark chocolate shell, 66% cocoa, with a habanero chilli and dark chocolate ganache inside.
  • Chuao Pecan Praline Egglet: a blend of 70% cocoa Chuao dark chocolate, caramel and pecan creates a smooth praline inside a Venezuelan dark chocolate shell.
  • Hacienda Iara Praline Egglet: a super smooth praline encased in 82% cocoa dark chocolate shell, from Ecuador’s Hacienda Iara.
  • 66% Sambirano Truffle Egglet: a chocolate truffle Egglet with a mix of Trinitario and Criollo from Madagascar’s Sambirano Valley, 66% cocoa dark chocolate.

Presented in a round, black and gold, ribbon tied, hat box style box. A perfect Easter egg for high cocoa content chocolate lovers.

£30.00, 390g of dark chocolate from Hotel Chocolat.

Labelled: Vegetarian and Alcohol Free.