The Bird House Easter Egg

The Chocolate Trading Company’s “Oeuf Maisonnette Lait” Bird House Easter Egg, milk chocolate Easter egg, a fun Easter egg with a fun – yet traditional style.

The Bird House Easter Egg

This whimsical egg makes me rather nostalgic as it reminds me of Easter in Germany, good quality chocolate decorated with a continental feel, even down the little yellow chick in the window.

The Oeuf Maisonnette Easter egg, which means “Egg House” in French, is a milk chocolate egg styled to look like a bird-house; a hole is cut into the egg and the chocolate birdhouse is built inside, the egg is decorated with little shutters a window box and even a little chimney at the top, an adorable egg finished off with little Easter chick. Along with the egg is a selection of mini chocolate Easter eggs, in multi coloured foils.

Made by The Chocolate Trading Company, creators of gourmet chocolate and luxury chocolate Easter eggs. Comes in a smart Chocolate Trading Company bespoke box and not plastic.

The bird house Easter egg is available in milk chocolate and dark chocolate, each with the same chick design and foiled mini eggs.

£15.95 183g.

Labelled: Alcohol Free and Soya Lecithin Free.