The Biggest Easter Egg

Giant Milk Chocolate Easter Egg

Well technically it is Hotel Chocolat’s biggest Easter egg and it is one of two massive Ostrich Eggs, so it is in fact Hotel Chocolat’s biggest milk chocolate Easter egg. Either way it is huge!


Previously known as The Rocky Road to Caramellow Ostrich Egg and the giant MILK Ostrich egg, this year it is “The Classic Ostrich Easter Egg” and it is just as big and tempting.

This egg is one of the two extra large Easter eggs from the Hotel Chocolat Easter range, these immense Easter eggs, measure 285mm tall (that’s just under eleven inches, in old money) and are called Ostrich Easter eggs because they are about the size and weight of real Ostrich eggs!

The Classic Ostrich Easter Egg has two chunky chocolate shell halves, both made from 40% cocoa milk chocolate, the egg halves are then covered with more chocolate chunks, puffed rice crispies, cookie pieces and chunks of white chocolate, and the covered in more chocolate and decorated.

The Biggest Milk Chocolate Easter Egg from Hotel Chocolat

This big Easter egg also comes with a selection of twenty-one chocolates inside the egg box; presented as a layer of chocolates, like you would get in a round chocolate box, in ten different flavours.

Milk Chocolate Ostrich Easter Egg Chocolates

  • Salted Soft Caramel: a crisp shell of milk chocolate with caramel coloured dot on top, and inside soft oozing sea salted caramel.
  • Tawny Port: a milk chocolate ganache with a splash of port, Hotel Chocolat’s Tawny Port, in a dome of chocolate. Contains alcohol.
  • Choc Chip Cookie: Hotel Chocolat’s version of a chocolate chip cookie, milk chocolate with whole hazelnuts and cookie pieces.
  • Coffee & Walnut: a classic combination of flavours with a chocolaty twist, a walnut praline with coffee and hazelnut.
  • Simple White Truffle: white chocolate with vanilla in a white chocolate shell, simple yet elegant.

Hotel Chocolat Ostrich Egg Chocolates

  • Sticky Toffee: toffee, cream and butter mixed together to create a soft sticky toffee in a milk chocolate shell.
  • Billionaire’s Shortbread: soft caramel with crunchy cookies and smooth praline, millionaire’s shortbread in chocolate!
  • Florentine Isabelle: a bed of milk chocolate filled with hazelnut praline and topped with a chewy honey & almond florentine.
  • Dizzy Praline: Hotel Chocolat’s smooth hazelnut praline in milk chocolate with a dizzy swirl decoration on top.
  • Simply Milk Truffle: a creamy milk chocolate truffle with a milk chocolate shell, one of the most popular chocolates from Hotel Chocolat.

All of these chocolates are from Hotel Chocolat Selectors range, so if you have a favourite you can buy more.

Alongside the two giant egg halves and the selection of chocolates are six, gold foiled, mini eggs, bringing the weight of the egg up to very impressive 1.1kg.

Stylishly presented in a round hatbox style box, with a hand tied ribbon – this really is a chocolate Easter egg to excite.

£70.00, 1.1kg of luxury chocolates from Hotel Chocolat.

Labelled: Vegetarian.