Montezuma’s luxury handmade chocolates made in the UK from the award winning British chocolatier.

Montezuma's Easter Eggs

A selection of milk, white and dark chocolate Easter eggs; featuring the biggest Easter egg, eco-friendly eggs and chocolate eggs filled with mini eggs and chocolate buttons! With gluten free, organic and vegan Easter eggs. Available to buy online, from the Montezuma’s website, here.

From £3.99£44.99.

Milk Chocolate Dairy Free Easter Egg

An alternative to dark chocolate for vegans and those with lactose intolerance, moo free’s dairy free milk chocolate Easter egg for children. In a choice of three flavours.

Available from the Ethical Superstore and other moo free stockists.

£4.25, 120g, each.

Labelled: Vegan (certified), Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Organic and Vegetarian.

Green & Black's Largest Easter Egg Hamper

Green & Black’s largest Easter egg hamper, the Ultimate Easter Egg Hamper, filled with a selection of milk and dark chocolate eggs from their Easter range.

A limited edition, online exclusive, from Green & Black’s Direct.

£75.00, approximately 1915g of chocolate.

Labelled: Organic, Vegetarian, Fairtrade and Gluten Free.

Booja-Booja Champagne Chocolate Truffles Easter Egg

Price comparison for Booja-Booja Champagne Chocolate Truffles Easter Egg.

Organic, dairy free, vegan and gluten free dark chocolate truffles made with Fine de Champagne and 56% cocoa from the Dominican Republic, in hand-painted papier-mâché eggs.

These multi-award winning eggs are available in two sizes; the large 138g and 34.5g.

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Green & Black's Butterscotch Easter Egg

Green & Black’s butterscotch chocolate Easter egg, a thick milk chocolate shell with small pieces of butterscotch in the shell, both the chocolate and butterscotch are organic and fairtrade.

Part of the Easter range at Green & Black’s.

£6.59, 180g.

Labelled: Vegetarian, Fairtrade and Organic.

Chocolate Tasting Easter Egg with Miniature Chocolate Bars

Green & Black’s Chocolate Tasting Easter egg, a dark chocolate egg with twenty-four miniature chocolate bars in twelve different flavours and tasting note cards.

Available from the Easter range at Green & Black’s.

£14.99, 450g.

Labelled: Vegetarian, Fairtrade and Organic.

Montezuma's Free Range Organic Eco-Eggs

Montezuma’s Free Range Organic Eco-Eggs, organic and environmentally friendly Easter eggs from Montezuma’s chocolate.

Available from the Easter range at Montezuma’s.

£7.99, 150g each.

Labelled: Vegetarian, GM Free, Gluten Free and Organic (Dark chocolate egg is Vegan).

Green & Blacks Milk Collection Easter Egg

A Green & Black’s milk chocolate Easter egg, in blue foil, and two full sized Green & Black’s chocolate bars in the same box, the Milk Collection Easter Egg.

Part of Green & Black’s Easter egg range.

£10.99, 380g.

Labelled: Vegetarian, Organic and Fairtrade.

Booja Booja Luxury Champagne Truffle Egg

Booja Booja Luxury Champagne Organic Truffle Egg, 13 luxury Champagne truffles in a keepsake ornamental egg. Vegan, dairy free, organic, wheat & gluten free. truffles from Booja Booja.

Available from the Easter range at The Chocolate Trading Company.

£25.95, 150g.

Labelled: Organic, Vegan / Dairy Free and Gluten Free.