Giant Milk Chocolate Easter Egg

The largest egg from Hotel Chocolat, it is in fact Hotel Chocolat’s biggest milk chocolate Easter egg.

Two chunky milk chocolate shells, one 40% cocoa and one 50% cocoa, and a selection of chocolates.

A very impressive chocolate Easter egg, one of two extra-large Ostrich Eggs.

£80.00, 1.06kg.

Labelled: Vegetarian.

Oeuf Maisonnette, Milk Chocolate Easter Egg

The Egg House, “Oeuf Maisonnette”, a milk chocolate Easter egg decorated with a bird-house design with a little chick in the window, with a selection of delicious, mini Easter eggs.

Made and sold by The Chocolate Trading Company, in choice of milk or dark chocolate.

£15.95 183g.

Labelled: Alcohol Free and Soya Lecithin Free.

Cadburys Cream Eggs 48 Pack

A case of 48 Cadburys Cream Eggs, milk chocolate mini eggs with a soft sticky fondant centre. The biggest box you can buy!

Great for sharing, Easter egg hunts and jusy enjoying!

Part of the Cadbury Easter selection available to buy on the Cadbury Gifts Direct website.

£24.00, approximately 1920g.

Thorntons - Love Fudge Easer Egg

Thorntons Fabulous Fudge Milk Chocolate Egg, a milk chocolate Easter egg with slivers of vanilla fudge in the shell the of the egg presented in a gift box with a bag of Thorntons vanilla fudge inside.

One of the flavoured Easter eggs from Thorntons Easter collection.

£7.00, 235g.

Labelled: Vegetarian, Alcohol Free and Gluten Free.

Cadbury Easter Egg bulk buy pack, forty-five medium sized Cadbury chocolate eggs.

A random a selection of Cadbury Flake Egg, Dairy Milk Buttons Egg, Dairy Milk Caramel Egg, Cadbury Mini Eggs Egg and Crunchie Egg.

£161.90, 45 Easter Eggs.