Paul Wayne Gregory’s Butterfly Easter Egg

The Butterfly Egg, a rather exquisite and beautifully “painted” chocolate Easter egg by chocolatier and chocolate artist Paul Wayne Gregory.

The egg is displayed clear box with a minimal design, two bold pink bands top and bottom, so you can see the beautiful egg inside from almost every angle.

Paul Wayne Gregory's Butterfly Easter Egg

The shell of the egg is used as canvas for a colourful spring meadow scene; with blues skies, white clouds and an orange butterfly flying over the fields, which gives the Easter egg its name, and the egg also has its own plinth so it stands up by itself, which is also made of chocolate.

Normally with chocolate eggs I have to resist the urge to smash or break them open to sample the chocolate, but this egg is a little different I actually felt bad about spoiling it. But it did open with a very good pop….

The chocolate is comparatively quite thick; it is actually two layers of chocolate one on top of the other. The Paul Wayne Gregory Butterfly Easter egg is available in dark and milk chocolate, and I didn’t know which I had until I cracked it open, this is a milk chocolate egg as it turns out.

Once the egg is cracked open, the wonderful aromas inside are released.

Paul Wayne Gregory's Butterfly Easter Egg Shell

Having never tried, any, of Paul Wayne Gregory’s previously I was a little worried the egg might be all art and no cocoa, but I am very, very pleased to proven wrong. The chocolate has a good cocoa flavour, 38% cocoa, without being over powering and the taste is rather superb, mellow in the mouth but with a good strength behind it, beautifully smooth and not overly sweet, incredibly moreish.

In fact I have to say this is probably the best, unflavoured, milk chocolate I have tried this year.

A must try Easter egg for chocolate lovers and connoisseurs, and if the design does not appeal there are three more eggs, also in dark or milk chocolate, and a milk chocolate Easter egg flavoured with mango available from Paul Wayne Gregory’s online shop.

£24.95, 320g of British chocolate art on excellent milk chocolate.