Oeuf Orfevre, Dark Chocolate Easter Egg

This Easter egg has been replaced by the Oeuf amande, Dark chocolate Easter egg.

Chocolate Trading Company Oeuf Orfevre, Dark Chocolate Easter Egg

A suave and elegant dark chocolate egg, the Oeuf Orfevre an Easter Egg with French sophistication and charm.

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Oeuf Orfevre is French for the Goldsmith Egg and the name refers to the silver and gold leaf used to decorate the outside of this chic egg.

Made from 64% cocoa dark chocolate, this hollow egg has a rich gloss and lustre complimented by the 22 caret gold and silver leaf, adding to the overall classic and expensive look. Inside the egg are seventeen croquant dark chocolate mini eggs, also speckled with gold. This is the large version, standing approximately 15cm tall, a smaller egg is also available.

A dark chocolate Easter Egg with flair.

£25.99, 340g.