Novelty Chocolate Gifts

Chocolate gifts don’t just have to be Easter eggs, if would like something a little more unusual for Easter there are some wonderful novelty chocolate gifts online this year. They are not always in the Easter chocolate gift sections of the sites, as they are mostly available all year round. These are some of the chocolate novelties available.

Aimed mainly at kids, but I would personally be very happy to receive any of them and give them as novelty presents to adults.

Montezuma's Pesky Chocolate Piranha
Montezuma's Pesky Chocolate Piranha is a fun chocolate fish, and not as scary as it sounds, each piranha is made from a mixture of dark, milk and white chocolate and individually decorated giving each one a unique look.

A novelty chocolate gift from Montezuma's.

£4.99, 90g.

Labelled: Vegetarian and Alcohol Free.

Egg On My Face Chocolate Slab
A cute and fun alterative to an Easter egg, the Egg On My Face chocolate slab from the Easter collection from Hotel Chocolat.

40% milk chocolate with two “fried eggs” for eyes and a cheeky smile, making a smiling chocolate slab.

£7.50, 200g of fun chocolate.

Labelled: Vegetarian and Alcohol Free.

Milk Chocolate Princess

Thorntons - Milk Chocolate Princess

Milk chocolate sculpted into the shape of a princess; ideal for girls the chocolate princess would make a very special chocolate gift.

Packaged in a fairytale princess themed box so would also work as part of a birthday party. Made from Thorntons milk chocolate.

£8.00, 155g.

Chocolate Egg & Chips

Chocolate Egg & Chips

A fried egg and chips made from chocolate, a fun chocolate gift, a white chocolate egg and salted caramel chips decorated to look like egg and chips on a plate.

A fun chocolate novelty for Easter, from Hotel Chocolat’s Easter chocolate range.

£14.00, 150g.

Chocolate Percy Pig

Chocolate Percy Pig

A white chocolate Percy Pig for Easter, flavoured and coloured pink with raspberry and strawberry, the cute chocolate pig even has shorts on, made from hundreds and thousands.

One of the Easter “eggs” from the M&S range.

£6.00, 215g of fun chocolate.

White Chocolate Easter Lamb

White Chocolate Easter Lamb

A rather sheepish looking Easter lamb made from high quality white chocolate and decorated with milk and dark chocolate. The white chocolate Easter lamb is gift wrapped with a box.

£4.25, a cute white chocolate lamb.

White Chocolate Easter Duck

Chocolate Trading Co. - White Chocolate Easter Duck

Cute and fun small white chocolate Easter duck, looks a lot like a real rubber duck! I have a friend that collects rubber ducks so he will be delighted with this.

Made the finest Bourbon vanilla pod and 100% cocoa butter.

Presented in a gift bag with brown satin ribbon and Happy Easter gift tag.

£3.95, 45g.