Mr Potato Head Chocolate Easter Egg

Mr Potato Head Chocolate Easter Egg

Well he is actually called Easter Chocolate Egg Head Gift or “Make Your Own Easter Egg”, but either way it is Mr Potato Head as an Easter egg.

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This has been hugely popular over the past few last years, I know at least four of my friends bought them for their children – well that’s what they said, I have a sneaking suspicion they bought them to play with too.

The Chef Marshall Easter Egg Head is a milk chocolate egg that comes with a moustache, nose, eyes and big eyes to stick on with the “chocolate goo”, which you warm up in warm water so it turns into a chocolaty glue.

I used think the Chef Marshall / Mr Potato Head egg was made especially for John Lewis, but have recently found out that it is made by Stas Chocolatier, who also make eggs for Waitrose.

You can buy him online from the Easter section of ocado. And this year you can also get the chicken version, the same fun idea but as an Easter chick.

250g of fun milk chocolate for £9.00.