Montezuma’s The Easter Bunny Chocolate Easter Egg Hamper

Montezuma’s The Easter Bunny Hamper, the largest Easter chocolate hamper from Montezuma’s for Easter 2017. Montezuma’s The Easter Bunny Chocolate Easter Egg is more of a gift box than a hamper, but is still very impressive!

Montezuma's The Easter Bunny Chocolate Easter Egg Hamper

Filled with a selection of Easter chocolate and Easter eggs, the The Easter Bunny Hamper is presented with an orange bow and a cute gift tag.

Montezuma’s The Easter Bunny Chocolate Easter Egg Hamper contains:

  • Cheeky Chocolate Bunnies: All three flavours of Montezuma’s Easter chocolate rabbits, in milk, dark and white chocolate, eight bunnies per box.
  • Caramel Filled Mini Eggs: Three Hen sized chocolate eggs filled with flavoured caramels.
  • Peanut Butter Mini Eggs: A bag of mini, soft centred, chocolate eggs made from milk chocolate with salted peanut butter.
  • Milk & Butterscotch Eco Egg: A milk chocolate Easter egg flavoured with butterscotch, in eco-friendly packaging.
  • Dark Eco Egg: A dark chocolate Easter egg with cocoa nibs, in eco-friendly packaging.
  • Grand Truffle Collection: A box of sixteen chocolate truffles.
  • Almond & Vanilla Dollops: Chunky chocolate discs made from milk chocolate with a white chocolate almond and vanilla ganache centre.
  • Four Flavoured Chocolate Bars: Dark Chocolate Lordy Lord Bar, Dark Chocolate Bean Machine Bar, Milk Chocolate Minted Bar and Milk Chocolate Space Hopper Bar.
  • Two Kingdom Chocolate Bars: Kingdom Milk Chocolate & Hazelnut Praline Bar and Kingdom Milk Chocolate Rhubarb & Vanilla Bar.
  • Giant Chocolate Buttons: Three bags of Montezuma’s famous chocolate buttons in milk, dark and white chocolate.

A total of two Easter eggs, two different types of mini eggs, three boxes of chocolate bunnies, a box of chocolate truffles, a tube of dollops, four chocolate bars, two mini bars and three bags of chocolate buttons!

£98.99, 2385g approx.

Labelled: GM Free, Additive Free, Colouring Free, Preservative Free, Vegetarian and Organic.

The dark chocolate bunnies, dark Eco Egg, dark chocolate bars and dark chocolate buttons are vegan. The milk Eco Egg and some of the chocolate truffles do contain gluten.

All available to buy online, as part of Montezuma’s Easter chocolate collection, here.