Montezuma’s – Milk Chocolate Easter Egg and Truffles

This Easter egg has been by the Montezuma’s Chocolate Truffle Eggs, and also comes in dark chocolate.

Montezuma's - Truffle Egg: Milk

A gorgeous egg and a truffle fix at the same time, the luxury milk chocolate Easter egg with a selection of the most popular Montezuma’s truffles.

Milk Chocolate Easter Egg and Truffles

Thick, milk chocolate, hollow shell drizzled in the same milk chocolate to create a visually stunning and tactile decorative effect.

The truffles with the egg are from the Grand Truffle Collection, the most popular truffle collection by Montezuma’s.

The collection includes:

  • Venezuela: Milking Maid: Creamy milk chocolate truffle made with Venezuelan cocoa
  • Dominican Republic: Eclipse Simple dark truffle made with 73% cocoa
  • Sweet Summertime: Raspberries with white chocolate
  • Cherry Can: Cherry and dark chocolate

Please note these may not be the truffles that actually come with the egg, they are truffles from the collection that may be included.

And for the dark chocolate lover, the Truffle Egg: Dark.

£16.99 for 400g of milk chocolate and truffles.

Labelled: GM Free, Preservatives / Additive / Colouring Free, Soya Free, Vegetarian and Gluten Free.