Montezuma’s Eco Eggs

Montezuma’s Eco Eggs, made with organic chocolate with more environmentally friendly packaging than other Easter eggs; the eco-eggs from Montezuma’s chocolate.

Montezuma’s Eco-Eggs come in two different flavours, both made from organic chocolate;

The organic dark chocolate with cocoa nibs Eco-Egg is made from 73% cocoa dark chocolate with cocoa nibs in the shell for extra crunch and depth of flavour, the dark chocolate egg is listed as vegan – but not dairy free.


Montezuma's Vegan Dark Chocolate Free Range Easter EggMontezuma's Eco Egg Milk Chocolate and Orange


The organic milk chocolate with orange Eco-Egg is made from 37% cocoa milk chocolate and flavoured with sweet orange oil.

Hollow chocolate eggs with minimal packaging; wrapped in foil, which can be recycled as aluminium, and then an outer casing of recycled card, which is recyclable, compostable and biodegradable, Montezuma’s Eco-Eggs are the most environmentally friendly eggs available to buy online. The outer packaging is even designed to save space in the recycling bin!

£7.99, 150g each, more environmentally friendly Easter eggs from Montezuma’s.

Labelled: Vegetarian, GM Free, Gluten Free and Organic (Dark chocolate egg is Vegan).