Milk Chocolate Dairy Free Easter Egg

moo free’s dairy free milk chocolate alternative Easter egg for vegan and lactose intolerant, children (and adults); an Easter egg with chocolate buttons, all in dairy free milk chocolate.

moo free Milk Chocolate Dairy Free Easter Egg

moo free are a chocolate company that wanted to make dairy free chocolate which still had a smooth and creamy taste, they now make chocolate which is dairy free chocolate, gluten free, GM free, soya free, egg free, casein free, vegetarian and vegan.

Because this was my first try of a moo free Easter eggs and in fact any moo free chocolate, and this is a rather unique egg I don’t know of any other dairy free “milk chocolate” eggs, I thought I would taste test it with a few friends. So I got together two vegans, two non-vegans and two children, and I got them to try it with me.

The vegans really liked it and the non-vegans didn’t so much, so a 50/50 Marmite result. Both of the kids really like it with comments like “nice” and “any more?” and as this is mainly aimed at kids I would say that was a good result.

The chocolate does smell like milk chocolate and is a little darker in colour, it is smooth and creamy (however, one “reviewer” did comment it was a little bit grainy) but for me and the other non-vegans it didn’t taste like milk chocolate.

I personally enjoyed the moo free Easter egg, but to me the egg tastes a little like rice – I am not sure if it really does taste like rice or if there was a flavour I could not put my finger on and because I had already read the ingredients my brain decided it was the rice powder I could taste.

It’s a new flavour, not quite milk chocolate but defiantly not dark chocolate, I would buy this for anyone that wanted a dairy free milk chocolate Easter egg.

For more information about moo free, ingredients lists, full dietary details and where else to buy the eggs see the moo free website.

£4.25, 120g of milk chocolate dairy free Easter egg and chocolate buttons from the ethical superstore.

Labelled: Vegan (certified), Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Organic and Vegetarian.

More moo free Easter Eggs

moo free have two other flavours in their Easter egg range, both the same dairy free milk chocolate – but with added flavours.

The Bunnycomb Easter egg has pieces of vegan friendly honeycomb toffee in the chocolate.

moo free Easter Bunnycomb Easter Egg
moo free Cheeky Orange Easter Egg

And the moo free Cheeky Orange Easter Egg, is infused with orange crystals in the shell, to give a cheeky orange flavour.

£4.25 each, 120g of dairy free milk chocolate with added flavours, also from the ethical superstore.

Labelled: Vegan (certified), Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Organic and Vegetarian.