melt Chocolate Easter Egg Bunnies

If you can’t decide between an Easter egg and a chocolate bunny for your Easter treat, then why not try one of the rather adorable chocolate Easter egg bunnies from melt, which combine the best of both.

Handmade in London, the Easter bunny eggs come in a choice of five different colours; pink, peach, blue, silver and yellow.

All the eggs are the same, it is the colour of the foil that makes them different, handy if you are buying more that one for the kids. Inside each egg is a selection of handmade dark chocolates, the egg is made from smooth, 35% cocoa, milk chocolate. Wrapped in brightly coloured foil the eggs then in in a cardboard shaped bunny and tied with a ribbon – fun and practical.

The idea is to give the children something to decorate over Easter, I personally think they are perfect as is, and great for adults aswell.

Part of the wonderful melt Easter collection, ,most of ehich is also available online from Selfridges – but it doesn’t look like you can select a colour on the Selfridges site.

£21.50, 300g, each.

Not Labelled.