Maltesers Malteaster Easter Egg

A treat for a Maltesers lover, a luxury Malteaster egg! The Maltesers Malteaster Easter Egg is a hollow milk chocolate egg with three cute Maltesers Malteaster bunnies, with big ears, available to buy online from Debenhams.

Malteaster Maltesers Easter Egg

The “Malteaster” egg Maltesers at Easter, the Maltesers you know and adore have been reshaped into cute Malteaster Bunnies with a hollow milk chocolate Easter egg, wrapped in gold foil wrapped.

The bunnies have the same crunchy centre as Maltesers with the same chocolate round the outside, but the bunnies are larger and the chocolate is thicker. The Malteaster Bunnies are quite chunky and less crisp and the flavour is denser than the normal Maltesers, I actually prefer the flavour of the bunnies.

Malteaster Bunnies

When I first came across this egg, a few years ago, is was quite easy to find online, but since then it has become harder and harder to find – it is available from some supermarkets, but difficult to find online. I have managed to find it on Debenhams, where it is on offer.

“No actual Maltesers were hurt during the making of these Bunnies”

£6.00, 294g whilst on offer at Debenhams.

Labelled: Vegetarian.