Lir Easter Eggs

Lir are a new brand to me, I have seen their Easter eggs before but I didn’t actually know they were Lir Easter eggs; they make eggs for other brands such as Baileys, Guinness, Magnum and Marmite.

It wasn’t until I saw the Magnum Easter egg, which I found very intriguing, and had a good look at it that I noticed the Lir logo, in 2014, and decided to investigate.

Lir are part of Zetar PLC who are “one of the UK’s largest independent chocolate confectionery manufacturers.” Zetar also own Kinnerton and a few other chocolate and sweet brands. Since 2014 the Lir logo has been removed from the Magnum egg and Magnum eggs are now made by KCL, KCL are at the same address as Kinnerton, so I guess they are still made by the same company – just a different brand.

Irish Easter Eggs

Lir are based in Ireland and I like the fact they have two Easter eggs based in Irish products; Baileys, the original Irish cream and Guinness, Irish dry stout.

The Baileys Easter Egg is a milk chocolate egg decorated with a swirl of milk chocolate down the centre and a selection of chocolate truffles in three different styles; milk, white and dark truffles.

Baileys Easter Egg

Guinness Easter Egg 

And the Guinness Easter Egg is a dark chocolate Easter egg with a splat of white chocolate and two types of chocolate truffles; dark and white truffles with a Guinness flavoured centres.

Both Easter eggs are £10.00, each, at Debenhams and are both the same size, 360g, and in a similar style box, the Guinness egg would be ideal for a man and the Baileys egg for a woman, a little sexist but true.

Magnum Easter Egg

Last time I checked Magnum was an ice-cream, so I was rather surprised to see the Magnum Easter Egg on a shelf and not in the freezer. Lir/KCL have actually taken the flavours of a classic Magnum ice-cream and created a chocolate that looks the same and tastes similar – cold flavours are hard to replicate at room temperate.

Magnum Easter Egg

Premium Magnum Easter Egg


There are two “different” Magnum Easter Eggs, the Magnum Easter Egg is a foil wrapped milk chocolate egg, and with the egg you get three packs of Magnum Caramel Chocolates, £8.00, 318g.

And the Premium Magnum Easter Egg, is presented in windowed Easter egg box with the unfoiled egg on view and eight Magnum chocolates on display below the egg, £12.99, 318g.


Lir are award winning chocolatiers in their own right, and this combined with the brand names they are partnered with their Easter eggs appeal to a lot of people and the boozie eggs; are great for adults and especially the harder to buy for men.

Please note: although Lir and Kinnerton are owned by the same people, Lir eggs are not nut-free (and nor do they claim to be) they are different companies.