Lindt Easter Eggs

Lindt are probably better known for their novelty chocolates, the Lindt Gold Bunny at Easter and the gold animals at Christmas, and Lindt Lindor chocolate truffles. Most of those are milk chocolate, yet Lindt make a huge range of other chocolates including white and dark chocolate, and a wide variety of flavoured chocolates, including their chocolate bars.

The Lindt Easter egg range was rather limited to milk chocolate until a few years ago, they expanded their range and now they have a wonderful selection of chocolate Easter eggs in milk, dark and now white chocolate in a variety of sizes.

The Lindt EXCELLENCE egg was first introduced in 2014, which was so popular there is a new Lindt EXCELLENCE egg alongside last years. Also new for 2015 are two new Lindt Lindor eggs and mini eggs.

All of the Lindt Easter eggs are all available from The Chocolate Trading Company and some are available from Selfridges.

Lindt EXCELLENCE Easter Eggs

There are now two Lindt EXCELLENCE Easter Eggs, both luxury Easter eggs are made from 70% cocoa dark chocolate with either mini eggs or chocolate bars.

A very popular Easter egg from last year the Lindt EXCELLENCE Mini Eggs Easter Egg comes with ten Lindt EXCELLENCE dark chocolate mini eggs, the perfect Easter egg for Lindt EXCELLENCE and dark chocolate lovers.

Lindt EXCELLENCE Mini Eggs Easter Egg

Lindt EXCELLENCE Mini Bars Easter Egg

The new egg for 2015 is the Lindt EXCELLENCE Mini Bars Easter Egg, similar to the mini eggs egg, but with three mini Lindt EXCELLENCE dark chocolate bars; a plain 70% cocoa bar, a dark chocolate bar flavoured with orange and one with mint.

Both eggs are presented in tall boxes, with a rope handles on top and a widow displaying the gold foil wrapped egg and windows below showing off the mini eggs or bars.

£10.99, 220g, for the mini eggs egg and £11.99, 265g, for the mini bar egg.

Lindt Heavenly Hazelnut Easter Egg

The Lindt Heavenly Hazelnut Easter Egg is one of the largest eggs in the Lindt Easter egg range, and one of the most expensive, measuring approximately 160mm tall and 120mm wide, and is presented in a bright yellow box with windows so you can see the ribbon tied egg inside. A milk chocolate egg is rolled in crushed hazelnuts and covered in another layer of chocolate to create, a rather beautiful looking, luxury Easter egg.

Lindt Master Chocolatier Collection Hazelnut Egg Milk:

Lindt Heavenly Hazelnut Easter Egg

A heavenly smooth milk chocolate egg, encrusted with roasted Piedmont hazelnuts then generously coated with a final chocolate layer to create [Lindt’s] thickest, most decadent Easter Egg yet.

First seen in 2013, the Lindt Heavenly Hazelnut Easter Egg has been approved by Good Housekeeping Institute, with a score of 84/100 ranking it second out of 193 eggs!

£19.99, 350g luxury hazelnut milk chocolate Easter egg.

Lindt Lindor Easter Eggs

Putting together a comprehensive list of Lindt Lindor Easter eggs is a little like trying to count a flock of sheep, they all seem to look a little similar, you see one and you are not sure if you have seen it before or if it is new. So here are six Lindt Lindor Easter eggs that I know I have seen.

One of the biggest of the Lindt Lindor Easter eggs is the Luxury Lindt Egg, a milk chocolate egg in wrapped gold foil with a red ribbon round the egg and nine Lindt Lindor mini eggs, presented in a red box.

Lindt Lindor Easter Egg Red and Gold with Milk Chocolate Lindor

£10.99, 322g

New for 2015 is the Lindt Lindor Strawberry & Cream Easter Egg, Lindt’s only white chocolate Easter egg is presented in a pink box, in gold foil, with ten Lindor strawberry & cream chocolate truffles.

Lindt Lindor Strawberry & Cream Easter Egg

Lindt Lindor Limited Edition Easter Egg

Similar to the Strawberry & Cream egg is the Limited Edition Lindor Egg, gold foiled milk chocolate eggs with a selection Lindt Lindor balls, Lindor chocolate truffles, in a mixture of classic milk, Irish Cream & Stracciatella flavours.

£9.99, 285g and £8.99, 285g.

The two smaller Lindt Lindor eggs both have milk chocolate eggs, in gold foil, and a selection of Lindt Lindor mini eggs in the box.

Lindt Lindor Easter Egg Gold with assorted Lindor Chocolates

Lindt Lindor Easter Egg Red with Lindor Mini Eggs

The gold Lindt Lindor Easter Egg has an assorted selection chocolate eggs and the red Lindt Lindor Easter Egg has milk chocolate mini eggs.

Both are £6.99, 215g.

Another new egg for 2015 is the cute and rather adorable mini Lindt Lindor Easter egg, a tiny version of the large Lindt Lindor Easter Egg.

Mini Lindt Lindor Easter Egg

Presented in a red box with a window in the from you can see the mini milk chocolate Easter Egg, which measures approximately 7.5cm tall, and the three Lindt Lindor milk chocolate mini eggs inside. A perfect Easter chocolate gift!

£3.50, 55g.

Lindt Gold Bunny Easter Eggs

There are two Lindt Gold Bunny Eggs, both with a milk chocolate eggs and mini Lindt Gold Bunnies.

Lindt Gold Bunny Easter Egg

Lindt Gold Bunny Easter Egg

The Luxury Gold Bunny Egg has two small Lindt Gold Bunnies, both with ribbons and bells round their necks, £10.29 for 260g from The Chocolate Trading Company.

And the Gold Bunny Egg has three mini Lindt Gold Bunnies, £5.99 for 125g from Selfridges.

Children’s Easter Eggs

The fun egg, just for kids, from the Lindt Easter egg range is the Egg & Chick egg.

Lindt Easter Fun Egg & Chick

A gold foiled egg with a cute foil wrapped chick, both made from Lindt milk chocolate. The egg and chick are presented in a tented box, which is colourfully decorated for Easter, and they both stick out of the packing slightly from cut out holes.

Lindt’s Easter Fun Egg & Chick egg is £4.49 from The Chocolate Trading Company, 105g.

Lindt Mini Eggs

Lindt have a great selection of chocolate mini eggs, in a variety of sizes.

New for 2015 are the Lindt Little Chick Eggs, these cute little eggs are about the same size as chicken eggs and are presented in a similar style egg box.

Lindt Little Chick Eggs

Each egg is individually wrapped in coloured foil with a little chick design on the front, they are made from milk chocolate with a smooth filling, and each egg is already split in half – for little mouths.

£5.99, 168g.

If you need over three hundred mini eggs then the Lindt Mini Eggs Drum could be for you! 2kg of milk chocolate mini eggs in a huge display drum, approximately 333 mini eggs.

Lindt Mini Eggs Drum

The Lindt Mini Eggs are all the same size, each egg is about 25mm tall, made from solid milk chocolate in an assortment of different coloured foil wrappers. Perfect for Easter events or parties.

£44.99, 2000g.

Lindt Easter Eggs

Lindt Easter eggs from large to small, made with Belgian chocolate from Lindt’s Master Chocolatier.

In summary: