Hotel Chocolat – Tiddly Pot Eggs

The Tiddly Pot Eggs have changed to the Chirp and Hop eggs from Hotel Chocolat, the same style egg with a tub of chocolates.

Hotel Chocolat - Happy Tiddly Pot Easter Egg

An egg that really puts a smile on your face, or makes you frown or just confuses you… The extremely cute Tiddly Pot Easter eggs from Hotel Chocolat are really irresistible.

Hotel Chocolat - Tiddly Pot Eggs

There are three eggs, sold separately, each with its own charming personality. Happy, shown above, confused and grumpy.

Packaged in a bright and lively box, each hollow 40% milk chocolate egg also comes with a pot full of solid milk chocolate figures fun Pod Bunnies and chocolate Chirpy Chicks.

Perfect for children or big kids!

£7.00 per egg, for approximately 80g of milk chocolate – or all three for £18.00.

Labelled: Vegetarian, Gluten Free and Alcohol Free.