Hotel Chocolat Easter Egg Sandwiches

Hotel Chocolat Easter Egg Sandwiches

Hotel Chocolat’s Easter Egg Sandwiches, four cute decorated chocolate Easter eggs in four different flavours.


These are not your normal Easter eggs but two slices of flavoured chocolate with chocolate egg shell halves squished into them, and placed back to back to create an Easter Egg Sandwich.

Four distinct flavour combinations make up the Easter Egg Sandwich range, each with a quirky sandwich name. The packaging is fun too, designed to look like sandwich boxes with a little window to show the chocolate sandwich inside.

The flavour choices:

  • Creamed Caramel Club Egg Sandwich – Slices of milk chocolate fused with white chocolate and studded with caramel drops are sandwiched between two caramel milk chocolate shells.
  • Seriously Dark Wrap Egg Sandwich – 70% cocoa dark chocolate shells decorated with stripes of piped chocolate and embedded in dark chocolate slabs blended with cocoa nibs, for extra texture, crunch and flavour. The dairy free and vegan option.
  • Strawberry Melt Egg Sandwich – The traditional Eton Mess as an Easter Egg, creamy white chocolate and zingy strawberry flavoured chocolate slices decorated with meringue pieces between white chocolate shells.
  • Smooth Praline Toasty Egg Sandwich – 40% cocoa milk chocolate shells, pressed into slices of praline-marbled milk chocolate.

Each dinky egg weighs 100g and is 10cm high and just under 7.5cm at its widest point.

The eggs decorated with bright colours use white chocolate and white chocolate coloured with natural colourings.

Fun Easter Eggs with one for everybody, packed with flavour and beautifully decorated.

£10.00 per Easter Egg Sandwich.