Green & Black’s Organic 70% Dark Chocolate Easter Egg

Green & Blacks Organic Dark Chocolate Easter Egg 180g

There is something special about Green & Black’s 70% dark chocolate; rich dark taste, a beautifully smooth texture and a deep colour to the chocolate.

Organic 70% Dark Chocolate Easter Egg - Green & Black's

Organically produced high-quality bittersweet dark chocolate, crafted into a thick shelled Easter egg. A very popular egg, I always have one of these at Easter – even if I buy it myself. And it has my personal recommendation for anyone wanting to try dark chocolate, as it is not too bitter.

Also availible as part of the Dark Easter Eggs Collection, this is the egg (without the chocolate bars) in the Thick-Shelled Dark Chocolate Cherry & Ginger Egg[/intlink].

£5.99, 180g of organic 70% dark chocolate.

Labelled: Organic and Vegetarian.