Green & Blacks Milk Collection Easter Egg

Green & Blacks Milk Collection Easter Egg with Chocolate Bars

A Green & Black’s milk chocolate Easter egg, in blue foil, and two full sized Green & Black’s chocolate bars in the same box, the Milk Collection Easter Egg.


Thicker than standard eggs, but not as thick as Extra Thick eggs, Green and Black’s thick-shelled Easter egg are in a class of their own.

With a darker style of milk chocolate compared to other companies, Green & Black’s use more cocoa mass, 37% cocoa, in their milk chocolate Easter Eggs which gives the chocolate a richer and more intense taste.

The cocoa content varies in their milk chocolate, adjusted to suit the style and added flavours of the chocolate, the chocolate bars included with the egg highlight this perfectly with one bar being 34% cocoa and the other 40% cocoa.


The two full size, 100g, Green & Black’s chocolate bars included with the egg are:

  • Milk Chocolate and Butterscotch, with crisp and crunchy pieces of organic butterscotch, 34% cocoa.
  • Milk Chocolate Raisin & Hazelnut, the distinct flavour of raisin with the savoury texture of hazelnuts, 40% cocoa.

The Easter egg and chocolate bars are all Soil Association certified organic and the all bare the The Fairtrade Foundation logo. The cardboard is obtained from FSC certified sources, the foil is 100% recyclable and vegetable based inks to reduce environmental damage. None of Green & Black’s Easter eggs have plastic fillers and the boxes use a reduced cardboard style, gives the eggs a rather stylish triangle shaped box.

The Green & Blacks Milk Collection Easter egg is one of the eggs included Green & Black’s Ultimate Easter Egg Hamper.

£10.99 for a 180g Easter egg and two 100g bars, 380g in total.

Labelled: Vegetarian, Organic and Fairtrade.