Green & Black’s Largest Easter Egg Hamper

A Wicker Hamper filled with Green & Black's Easter Eggs

Green & Black’s largest Easter egg hamper, or as they call it the Ultimate Easter Egg Hamper, filled with a selection of their most popular milk and dark chocolate eggs from their Easter range.

Green & Black’s Largest Easter Egg Hamper contains:

Five Easter Eggs:

  • The Easter Tasting Collection egg, a 70% cocoa dark chocolate Easter egg with an assortment of twenty-four miniature chocolates bars in milk, dark and white chocolate.
  • Green & Black’s Milk Chocolate Collection Easter egg, a milk chocolate egg with two full sized chocolate bars; a 100g milk chocolate with butterscotch and a 100g milk chocolate with sea salt.
  • In my opinion the best G&B Easter egg, the Butterscotch Easter egg; a milk chocolate shell with crunchy butterscotch pieces in the chocolate.
  • The Mint egg, a dark chocolate Easter egg infused with peppermint oil.
  • The Dark egg, 70% cocoa dark chocolate, nothing more nothing less.

All the of the chocolate Easter eggs presented in a traditional wicker hamper with a leather handle and buckle fasteners, which can be reused as a picnic basket or a decorative storage box.

Green & Black’s largest Easter egg hamper is a limited edition and an online exclusive from Green & Black’s Direct.

£65.00, approximately 1385g of chocolate.

Labelled: Organic, Vegetarian, Fairtrade and Gluten Free.