Green & Black’s Chocolate Tasting Easter Egg

Green & Black’s Chocolate Tasting Easter egg, a dark chocolate Easter eggs with twenty four miniature chocolate bars.

Green & Black's Chocolate Tasting Easter Egg

The largest Easter egg from Green & Black’s; the largest box at least all of Green & Black’s eggs are the same size, the boxes are different sizes and shapes depending on whether you get just the egg or Easter eggs with chocolate bars.

The box itself is suitably impressive, a dark brown base with brightly coloured egg shaped swirls; the front of the box has two little windows in the top window you can see the foil wrapped egg inside and below that a window with a few of the miniature chocolate bars peeping through, finished with gold embossed letting and birds.

Inside the box is the 70% dark chocolate eggs, organic and fairtrade, covered in gold foil, bittersweet plain chocolate with Green & Black’s unique flavour and aroma.

Green and Blacks Chocolate Tasting Collection Contents

Sitting below the egg are two boxes of miniature chocolate bars;

A box of mini milk chocolate bars, with white chocolate bars; including butterscotch, almond, raisin & hazelnut, and two types of milk chocolate.

Green & Black's Milk Chocolate Miniature Bar Collection

Green & Black's Dark Chocolate Miniature Bar Collection

Included in the mini dark chocolate bars collection are hazelnut, hazelnut & current, cherry, ginger, 70% dark chocolate and 85% dark chocolate.

A total of twenty-four mini chocolate bars, two of each of the twelve different flavours.

Also in the with the Green & Black’s Chocolate Tasting Easter egg are a stack of tasting note cards, one for each flavour, and on the back of the cards are recipes for cocktails, desserts, drinks and biscuits.

A great Easter gift for anyone that wants to know a little bit more about chocolate, the different flavours and types, how to cook with chocolate or how else chocolate can be used; or a great way to sample a variety of Green & Black’s chocolate.

£14.99, 450g, dark chocolate Easter egg and 24 miniature chocolate bars.

Labelled: Vegetarian, Fairtrade and Organic.

The tasting egg is also included in the Green & Black’s Easter hamper.