Fizzy Pop Easter Eggs

Fun Easter eggs from James Chocolates, three flavoured chocolate Easter eggs with popping candy! The James Chocolates Fizzy Pop Easter eggs are inspired by retro soft drinks, each is a different flavour and a different type of chocolate but all have popping candy in the chocolate, and all three look inviting and are rather novel.

James Chocolates Orangeade Easter Egg

James Chocolates Cherryade Easter Egg

James Chocolates Lemonade Easter Egg

The Fizzy Pop Easter eggs are presented in clear tented boxes, with a box base, and are available in three different flavours:

  • Orangeade Easter Egg: a milk chocolate egg with flavoured with orange and popping candy and decorated with orange and white chocolate drizzles.
  • Cherryade Easter Egg: fizzy popping candy and cherry dark chocolate.
  • Lemonade Easter Egg: classic lemon and white chocolate with added fizz from popping candy.

All of the Easter eggs from James Chocolates are hand decorated and although the fizzy eggs are quite simple the idea, finish and presentation make the very appealing.

£10.00 each, for a fizzy 160g egg.

Available from the Easter range at John Lewis.