Easter Mini Eggs Chocolate Box

Fifteen, Hotel Chocolat, filled chocolate mini eggs presented as a selection box, a great alternative to an Easter egg or as a gift to share.

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The luxury mini eggs have crisp outer shells made of dark, white and milk chocolate, and are filled with a gorgeous selection of smooth centres, just like egg-shaped chocolate truffles.

On the ends of the eggs are bright dots of colour, chocolate coloured with natural colouring, which correspond to the menu card tucked into the back of the box.

The Easter H-box has fifteen of the cute little eggs, in seven different flavours:

Hotel Chocolat Filled Mini Eggs

  • Dark Praline: A dark chocolate shell, that has a very satisfying snap when you bite into it, filled with a well-flavoured hazelnut praline enhanced by the 70% cocoa chocolate.
  • Advocaat Truffle: Milk chocolate ganache with a splash of Advocaat liqueur, which keep the smooth centre relaxed and adds a subtle “egg custard” flavour.
  • Amaretto Truffle: An elegant milk chocolate and cream ganache with a good dash of Amaretto, encased in a mellow milk shell.
  • Caramel Egg: Soft, mellow and extremely comforting runny caramel encased in a creamy milk chocolate shell and finished with an all-natural yellow dot.
  • Berry Mousse: A white chocolate whipped mousse, in a white chocolate shell, with raspberries and strawberries, which gives the mousse a fresh flavour and a wonderful texture.
  • Banana Split: A rich and sticky banana butter caramel, which tastes just like real caramelised bananas, in a 40% cocoa milk chocolate shell.
  • Milk Praline: A crisp milk chocolate egg shell with an incredibly smooth milk chocolate and hazelnut praline, simple but delicious.

You get two of each flavour and three of one, because of the odd number in the box. I had three of the Milk Praline eggs, which I was very happy about as they are one of my favourites, along with the Banana Split, Dark Praline and Berry Mousse.

All of the eggs are very moreish, but you can get refills! Each of the flavours are available in 100g pots – but only from the shops, you can find your nearest Hotel Chocolat shop on their website – www.hotelchocolat.co.uk/stores.

Ideal for Easter – or a treat!

£11.00, 185g.

Labelled: Vegetarian and Gluten Free.