Easter Eggs in Tubes

A trio of chocolate Easter eggs in a tube! Fun Easter eggs from James chocolates in a choice of three different flavours each with a selection of chocolate truffles to match the Easter egg flavours, James Chocolates Easter eggs in tubes.

James Chocolates Sticky Toffee Easter Egg Tube

James Chocolates Creme Brulee Easter Egg Tube

James Chocolates Hot! Chocolate Easter Egg Tube

Each of the Easter egg tubes contains three Easter eggs and six chocolates truffles in three different flavours:

  • Sticky Toffee: Three milk chocolate eggs flavoured with caramel and coffee, for that sticky toffee taste, accompanied by salted caramel chocolate truffles.
  • Creme Brulee: Six rich white chocolate vanilla truffles with three hollow white chocolate Easter eggs flavoured with butterscotch and vanilla.
  • Hot! Chocolate: Chilli dark chocolate eggs with dark chocolate truffles flavoured with ginger and chilli – really hot chocolate!

All of the Easter eggs from James Chocolates are hand decorated and are presented in tall, ribbon tied, clear tubes. The Easter egg tubes stand 32cm tall and 6cm wide.

£15.00 each for three eggs and six chocolate truffles.

Available from the Easter range at John Lewis.