Easter Egg Monsters

A trio of Easter egg monsters from The Chocolate Trading Company, cute and not really that monstrously scary, these novelty milk chocolate eggs add a twist and some fun to the classic Easter egg.

Easter Egg Monsters

The green monster Easter egg has probably the scariest monster face, green lips, which look a little like teeth, googly eyes and a tiny green hat on top.

Green Monster Easter Egg
Pink Monster Easter Egg

The pink monster Easter egg is really quite charming, pink lips shaped like a love heart, the same eyes – but they seem less google and a cute bow on top also in pink.

Orange Monster Easter Egg

And the orange monster Easter egg is a little lopsided, with a wide orange smile and an orange coloured button nose, rather than a hat or a bow.

All three eggs are the same size, the orange smiley face egg does look smaller but it is just on its side the other two eggs; the green monster face and the pink pretty face are end on.

Cute monster Easter eggs, each with feet and a monster face, not very scary – but they are perfect for little monsters.

£5.45, each, 45g.

Labelled: Alcohol Free and Soya Free.