Easter Egg Hunt Eggs

Easter egg hunts are just lots of fun, I love them, they bring out the children in us all, and they are a great activity to keep both the kids and adults entertained over the Easter weekend.

Box of Easter Egg Hunt Chocolates

There are a few different ways to run your own Easter egg hunts, depending on the age of the children (or adults), the amount of children and how many eggs you want to buy or you can just pop along to an organised egg hunt in your area.

One of the most important elements to your own Easter egg hunt, apart from enjoying yourself of course, are the eggs.

I personally think there are two different styles of egg; for larger groups and organised events smaller eggs and cheaper eggs are usually used and for smaller Easter egg hunts, round the garden or house, slightly better eggs work. I prefer eggs without boxes, but of course not matter what type of egg you use, they should be wrapped.

Easter Egg Hunt Kits

There are a few Easter egg hunt kits available to create your own egg hunt at home, these are normally small kits for families or small groups, with foil wrapped eggs and clue markers.

The Cadbury Easter Egg Trail Packs have ten hollow chocolate eggs and a bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs as the prize.

Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt Pack

£4.09, 229g, from Cadbury’s Easter range, who also have larger kits with the Cadbury Easter Egg Trail Packs included.

Dubble, by Divine Chocolate, have Easter egg hunt kits in egg boxes; six hollow fairtrade milk chocolate eggs with cut out signs and you can download more signs from the Dubble site.

Beano Dubble Easter Egg Hunt Kit

The Beano Dubble Easter egg hunt kits are available as single boxes for £4.25 or in a bulk box of six for £20.40 from the Ethical Superstore or Oxfam.

Easter Egg Hunt Eggs in Bulk

Every now and then you just need a kilo or two of chocolate mini eggs and luckily you can buy them from The Chocolate Trading Company they foiled mini eggs by the bucketload, well in bags and drums.

The solid milk chocolate foiled mini eggs come in a bags of 100 or 635 (3kg) each egg measure 2.5cm, perfect for large Easter egg hunts.

Assorted Mini Chocolate Easter Egg Hunt Eggs

Pink Foil Wrapped Chocolate Mini Eggs

Blue Foil Wrapped Chocolate Mini Eggs

Green Foil Wrapped Chocolate Mini Eggs

Gold Foil Wrapped Chocolate Mini Eggs

The do go out of stock fast, to either pre-order or you could try the Lindt mini eggs in a 2kg drum.

Lindt Mini Eggs Drum

The Lindt Mini Eggs are the same size, each egg is about 25mm tall, they are also solid milk chocolate and are in an assortment of different coloured foil wrappers.

Filled Mini Eggs

The Chocolate Trading Company also have filled mini eggs, praline or fruit flavoured chocolate filling in milk, white and dark chocolate shells. Sold in bags of 20, 80 or a 3kg drum of 230, these eggs are larger then the other eggs, measuring 3.5cm tall.

Hollow Easter Egg Hunt Eggs

These eggs are much bigger than the solid eggs, they are unboxed and foil wrapped and hollow.

Cadburys have two types of hollow eggs ideal for hiding about the house or garden, the Cadbury Eggheads, these are brightly coloured with cheeky faces on the foil and come in an assortment of fun designs.

Cadbury Eggheads

The other eggs are the Cadbury Treasure Eggs, these come in two different flavours – although hollow they do have two mini eggs inside.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Treasure Egg

Cadbury Mini Eggs Treasure Egg

The Eggheads are £1.09 each and the Treasure Eggs are £1.95 from Cadbury Gifts Direct.

You can of course have any combination of eggs for your Easter egg hunt; whenever I have one I normally have one large Easter egg per child/person, which has their name and they have to find, so everyone gets at least one larger egg and lots of little eggs hollow and filled for everyone to find as they look for their larger eggs. Just have fun with it.