Diabetic Easter Egg Thorntons No Added Sugar

Thorntons - Diabetic Easter Egg

The Thorntons “No Added Sugar” Diabetic Easter Egg comes with a bag of diabetic chocolate mini eggs in foil and Happy Easter engraved into the chocolate on the front. The style and design of the Easter egg box means this egg can be for all age ranges.

Diabetic Easter Egg, buy from Thorntons

£6.50 205g of milk chocolate, Easter egg and diabetic mini eggs.

Labelled: Diabetic, Vegetarian and Gluten Free.

Thorntons also have a rather large diabetic chocolate range: Thorntons No Added Sugar Chocolate Collection

Now, there is some debate about diabetic Easter eggs, well diabetic chocolate in general. Some say there is no need for diabetic chocolate, as limiting the amount of chocolate consumed has the same effect. The problem seems to be two fold; firstly that sugar in diabetic chocolate is replaced with nutritive sweeteners, in this case polyols.  Guidelines state that you should have no more than 20g per day, some diabetic chocolate contains a lot more – I don’t know the exact amount in the Thorntons Diabetic Egg and secondly that people assume that items labelled ‘diabetic’ will be suitable for all diabetics and provide some benefit.

Whilst I totally agree that it can be confusing and unclear as to what you can and cannot eat as a diabetic and the term used as a label can be misleading, the range is now called “No Added Sugar Diabetic”. All the offered alternatives to diabetic chocolate seem to be small amounts of high cocoa content dark chocolate; my problem is that not everyone likes dark chocolate.

So if you do decide to treat yourself to a Thorntons Diabetic Easter Egg or buy one for someone please read the label and if you don’t understand it ask someone who does.

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