cocoa mountain Organic Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs

cocoa mountain Milk Chocolate Easter eggs

A milk chocolate Easter egg from the Highlands of Scotland, handmade from organic chocolate, hand decorated and presented in a mountain shaped box!

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cocoa mountain are an award winner chocolatier, with two cafes in Balnakeil and Auchterarder, and their 2013 Easter range has seven Easter eggs in total, this is one of three hand-decorated eggs, the organic milk Easter egg.

All of the hand-decorated eggs have different designs in an assortment of stripes, dots, splats and lines, so each egg is individual and because they are decorated by hand they are also unique. Mine had white chocolate diagonal stripes on the bottom half of the egg, which contrasts well with the milk chocolate shell.

cocoa mountain Organic Milk Chocolate Easter eggs

The chocolate itself has the satisfying snap when you break it and a unique and interesting flavour, quite sweet with hint of nuts, and a sharpness I can’t quite but my finger on, the aftertaste is fascinating – like you have just drunk hot chocolate, warm yet sweet.

All of the Easter eggs from cocoa mountain are presented in pyramid style boxes, three sided pyramids called tetrahedra, with windows in the front so you can see the eggs inside.

The other two hand-decorated eggs are the dark chocolate, Hand-decorated Organic Dark Chocolate Easter eggs, and the white chocolate, Hand-decorated Organic White Chocolate Easter eggs.

cocoa mountain Easter eggs are sold in pairs or fours, the prices include UK postage and packaging.

£12.00 for two 85g eggs, available from cocoa mountain.

Labelled: Organic and Vegetarian.