Chocolate Truffle Easter Eggs

Chocolate truffle Easter eggs, chocolate truffles combined with chocolate eggs or egg shaped chocolate boxes to create luxury chocolate Easter eggs and Easter eggs with a little extra.

Chocolate truffles are a classic way of making and flavouring chocolate, normally a ganache centre inside a chocolate shell or simply dusted with cocoa powder, there are many types of chocolate truffle depending on who makes them, how they are made and how they are flavoured; which is why there is a wide selection of Chocolate truffle Easter eggs to choose from.

Charbonnel et Walker Truffle Easter Eggs

Charbonnel et Walker are world famous for their chocolate truffles, for Easter they have two different types of truffle Easter eggs both Marc de Champagne truffles in three different sized egg.

The largest Charbonnel et Walker Easter egg is the Large Pink Champagne Chocolate Truffle Easter Egg, a milk chocolate shell with pink Marc de Champagne chocolate truffles, 450g.

Charbonnel et Walker Large Pink Champagne Chocolate Truffle Easter Egg

Charbonnel et Walker Easter Egg Pink Champagne Chocolate Truffles

Charbonnel et Walker Small Dark Chocolate Champagne Truffle Easter Egg

The smallest egg is the Small Dark Chocolate Easter Egg, a dark chocolate shell with dark chocolate Marc de Champagne truffles, 115g.

All of the eggs are presented in a, covered, gold embossed box with a clear window so you can see the ribbon tied egg inside.

Charbonnel et Walker truffle eggs and Charbonnel et Walker Easter eggs with chocolates are available to buy online from Chocolate Trading Company, Selfridges and John Lewis, not all of the eggs are available in the three different sizes, and not all of the chocolate shops sell all the different types of eggs.

Prestat Chocolate Truffle Easter Eggs

Prestat are believed to have introduced the chocolate truffle to England in when they were established in 1902, so it’s no surprise to see a wonderful selection of chocolate truffle eggs for Easter.

Prestat have a selection of four different chocolate truffle Easter egg flavours, each in two different sizes.

Large Marc de Champagne Chocolate Truffle Prestat Easter Egg

Marc de Champagne Chocolate Truffle Prestat Easter Egg

Both the large Marc de Champagne egg and the Marc de Champagne egg are milk chocolate eggs with Marc de Champagne chocolate truffles.

Large Sea Salt Caramel Truffle Chocolate Prestat Easter Egg

Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Truffle Prestat Easter Egg

The large Sea Salt Caramel truffle egg and the Sea Salt Caramel truffle egg are 71% cocoa dark chocolate with salted caramel truffles.

Large Milk Chocolate Prestat Easter Egg

Milk Chocolate Prestat Easter Egg

Both of the milk chocolate eggs; the large milk chocolate egg and the Prestat milk chocolate egg, are 38% cocoa and are accompanied by a selection of milk, dark and white chocolate truffles.

Large Dark Chocolate Prestat Easter Egg

Dark Chocolate Prestat Easter Egg

The large Prestat Easter eggs are 227g, half a pound in old money, and the smaller Prestat Easter eggs are 170g – they are all presented as foil wrapped ribbon tied eggs nestled inside luxury embossed boxes.

Prestat chocolate truffle Easter eggs are available to buy online from the Easter range at Selfridges.

Hotel Chocolat Truffle Easter Eggs

Hotel Chocolat have three different types of chocolate truffle Easter eggs, two of these are new for Easter 2012; the Gianduja Truffle Easter Egg and the Champagne Truffle Easter Egg, in both large and mini sizes.

Dairy Free Dark Chocolate Truffle Egg

Champagne Chocolate Truffle Easter Egg

Small Easter Egg with Champagne Chocolate Truffles

Small Vegan Chocolate Truffle Easter Egg

The larger eggs both have a selection of twenty chocolate truffles and the smaller eggs, the mini Pink Champagne Truffle Easter Egg and mini Dark Gianduja Truffle Easter Egg, have two truffles each. Full details on the Hotel Chocolat Easter eggs 2012, truffle eggs page.

Also from Hotel Chocolat is the Your Eggscellency Easter egg, part of the Extra Thick range.

Hotel Chocolat Your Eggsellency Extra Thick Easter Egg with Hat Box

A large chocolate Easter egg with a selection of twelve, rather boozy, chocolate truffles.

Hotel Chocolat eggs, and a large collection of Easter chocolates are available to buy online from the Hotel Chocolat Hotel Chocolat and John Lewis.

Easter Eggs with Chocolate Truffles

A delightful selection of chocolate truffle Easter eggs for Easter and all of these Brands are British; Charbonnel et Walker and Prestat are two of the oldest chocolate brands in England and Hotel Chocolat, is a younger high-street and online English brand.