Chocolate Filled Half Egg by Chococo

Chocolate Filled Half Egg by Chococo

Half a milk chocolate Easter egg with a selection of fresh chocolates and chocolate truffles nestled inside, by Chococo.

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The half Easter egg isn’t just half of another egg it is specially made with a flat base, so it stands up own its own like a chocolate bowl, to hold and display the wonderful chocolates inside.

Made from 44% Trinitario bean cocoa, from Grenada, the thick chocolate shell is beautifully smooth and creamy with strong cocoa flavours, just the way I like milk chocolate.

Inside the half Easter egg are the wonderful chocolates and delicious chocolate truffles, in seven different flavours with roughly two of each flavour – I had seventeen chocolates in mine.

Chococo’s chocolates repeatedly win awards and three award winners are in this egg alone;

  • Melting Milk chocolate truffle, a vanilla milk chocolate ganache rolled in curls milk chocolate, the centre is soft and creamy with a gentle crush from the chocolate flakes on the outside.
  • Chilli Tickle, the smaller chocolate truffle wrapped in gold foil, a dark chocolate truffle dusted in cinnamon icing sugar, rich chocolate with a hint of gentle and warming chilli.
  • Blackcurrant, the dark chocolate square with silver lustre and swirls, dark chocolate over blackcurrant paste, fruity and sweet with a wonderful blackcurrant aftertaste.

Presented in ribbon tied cellophane, so you can see the egg and chocolates inside, the half egg would make a fantastic chocolate treat for anyone at Easter and because of the design it would make a perfect sharing dessert or petit fours at a dinner party.

Chococo’s chocolates are handmade fresh, so the chocolate filled half egg will only be available for delivery from April 4th, 2012 – but you can pre-order now.

£17.95, 225g half a chocolate egg and wonderful Chococo chocolates.