Chocolate Egg Stuff

I have had quite a few questions about chocolate and Easter eggs, so I have put together the more asked questions with answers. If you have any questions please do feel free to drop me a message.

Cases of Easter Egg

A few people have asked about buying cases of Easter eggs and bulk buying, for parties and Easter events.

Cadbury Gifts Direct have started selling bulk cases of Cadbury Easter eggs, a lot of their eggs are sold in multiples of 2, 4 or 8 – however you don’t get any discount.

chocolatebuttons sell Easter eggs by the case; different eggs are available in different amounts the more you buy the cheaper the eggs are per egg – bulk buying Easter eggs can get you almost wholesale prices on some brands.

For example a case of 9 medium Smarties eggs will cost £34.20 (£3.80 per egg) – these are also sold in a case of 90 for £284.85 (£3.16 per egg).

The Biggest Easter Egg

The biggest Easter eggs, so far for Easter 2017 are:

In height, Montezuma's Enormous Milk Chocolate Easter Egg.

The Enormous Easter Egg, not only is it the largest egg from Montezuma’s chocolate by also, currently, the biggest you can buy online – standing over 30cm tall and weighing a massive kilo!

Montezuma’s Enormous Chocolate Easter Egg

Presented in a ribbon tied gift box.

£44.99, 1kg.

Labelled: Vegetarian and Gluten Free.

The Largest Easter Eggs

A close second are Hotel Chocolat’s Ostrich Eggs, these massive eggs weigh in at 1.1kg each, which includes the thick chocolate shells and the chocolates within the Ostrich eggs. It is called The Ostrich Egg because it is the size of real ostrich egg, a massive nine inches or 22.3cm tall.

Biggest Easter Egg Hotel Chocolat

£75.00, each, 1.1kg.

Labelled: Vegetarian.


I try label all the eggs with all the information possible because – I have four vegetarian friends, two vegan, one friend who is lactose intolerant and a relation that is allergic to some nuts. So I know how hard it can be to find food and products that meet specific dietary needs, especially chocolate. Subsequently I label all the eggs on my site as best I can.

Vegetarian is probably one of the easiest to label as manufactures’ seem to understand the requirements. Vegan Easter Eggs are a bit trickier, some are labelled vegan and others simply dairy free.

I have also tried to list all gluten free Easter eggs where possible. I have made the assumption that vegan / dairy free Easter Eggs would be suitable for anyone looking for a lactose free egg.

Flavoured Easter Eggs

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Easter Eggs with Nuts

Eggs that have nuts embedded in the shell or in the chocolates and the bars that come with the egg.

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