Chocolate Easter Eggs & Soldiers

Hotel Chocolat Eggs & Soldiers

Hotel Chocolat’s egg and soldiers, cute novelty Easter chocolates with an eggy twist, praline filled milk chocolate half eggs and white chocolate soldiers.


Presented in a small box these chocolate treats make a great gift for all ages, especially children and big kids!

The eggs & soldiers are split over two layers, on the top layer are the five praline filled chocolate eggs, slim half Easter eggs decorated on one side with splats of white chocolate that look like fried eggs.

And on the bottom layer are the white chocolate soldiers, “painted” to look like they have already been dipped in egg yolk.

£6.50, ten delicious chocolates.

Hotel Chocolat Eggs & Soldiers

The milk chocolate eggs & soldiers are also included in the The Easter Basket Collection.

Hotel Chocolat Dark Chocolate Eggs & Soldiers

Hotel Chocolat Egg & Chips

The chocolate Easter eggs & soldiers are not the only eggie chocolates from Hotel Chocolat; they are also available in a dark chocolate version, the Dark Eggs & Soldiers. And if you prefer chips with your eggs Hotel Chocolat’s Egg & Chips will be perfect for you.

All of these eggy Easter chocolate treats are available to buy online from the Easter range at Hotel Chocolat

Labelled: Gluten Free, Alcohol Free and Vegetarian.