Chocolate Bunny Fun

It would just not be Easter without chocolate bunnies! Oversized ears and big cute eyes and of course a great Easter gift.

The chocolate Easter bunny and chocolate Easter eggs are modern interpretations of Pagan symbols, the egg and the rabbit or hare, are used to represent and celebrate rebirth and the Spring – or just fun chocolate bunnies and eggs.

Contemporary White Chocolate Easter Bunny

A modern Easter bunny, measuring 16cm tall and made from high quality white chocolate the Contemporary White Chocolate Easter Bunny is presented in a clear bag with brown satin ribbon and Happy Easter gift tag.

A modern chocolate gift from the Chocolate Trading Company.

£6.95, 120g.

Labelled: Soya Lecithin Free and Alcohol Free.

M&S Single Origin Chocolate Quirky Bunny

A single origin dark chocolate Easter bunny with a quirky geometric shape, decorated with edible gold and presented in a clear display box.

Standing 8cm tall the “Quirky Bunny” is a luxury Easter chocolate bunny, with a unique look.

From The Collection at M&S.

£10.00, 220g.

Labelled: Vegetarian and Alcohol Free.

Michel Cluizel Milk Chocolate Origami Bunny

A modern take on the chocolate bunny, the Lapin origami de Michel Cluizel is a stylish milk chocolate bunny inspired by origami. Gift boxed for Easter the bunny is holding a decorated egg, a work of art in chocolate.

Part of the Easter collection available online from the Chocolate Trading Company.

£14.95, 130g.

Labelled: Vegetarian and Alcohol Free.

Montezuma's Dark Chocolate Cheeky Chocolate Bunnies
A box of eight dark chocolate bunnies, made from solid dark chocolate these Easter chocolate treats are made from vegan, organic and gluten free chocolate.

Cute chocolate bunnies from Montezuma's, also available in milk and white chocolate.

£4.99, 90g.

Labelled: Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free and Alcohol Free.

Thorntons Harry Hopalot White Chocolate Bunny
Thorntons white chocolate Harry Hopalot bunny is a cute Easter bunny made from white chocolate, decorated with milk and pink coloured chocolate on his face and paws. Presented in a clear gift box, he makes an adorable and edible Easter gift.

One of the Easter chocolate treats from Thorntons .

£7.00, 250g.

Labelled: Vegetarian, Alcohol Free and Gluten Free.

Hotel Chocolat Big City Easter Bunny
Hotel Chocolat’s chocolate Easter bunny, Danny the Big City Easter Bunny a very cute milk chocolate bunny, made from 40% cocoa milk chocolate, dressed in a box tie and presented transparent gift box with gold detailing.

Part of the Easter egg and Easter chocolate range at Hotel Chocolat.

£7.50, 150g.

Labelled: Vegetarian and Alcohol Free.

Cadbury Chocolate Easter Bunny
Cadbury’s milk chocolate Easter bunny, a cute bunny shaped hollow milk chocolate model wrapped in purple foil.

A hollow milk Cadbury chocolate shaped bunny made with delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk. Hop to it!

From the Easter chocolate range at Cadbury Gifts Direct.

£2.99, 100g.

Hotel Chocolat Bow Tie Chocolate Easter Bunnies

A box of sixteen cute chocolate bunnies from Hotel Chocolat, 40% milk chocolate City Bunnies in bow ties.

Also available in caramel chocolate and dark chocolate.

Part of the Easter egg and Easter chocolate range at Hotel Chocolat.

£5.50, 87g.

Cocoa Loco Chocolate Rabbit

Cocoa Loco Chocolate Rabbit

Cocoa Loco’s chocolate bunny made from organic & fair-trade milk, dark and white chocolate mixed together to create the marbled effect. Each Cocoa Loco bunny has a unique look.

Available from the Easter chocolate range at John Lewis.

£10.00, 200g.

Bramble the Chocolate Bunny

Thorntons Bramble the Chocolate Bunny

Bramble Bunny a milk chocolate bunny from Thornton’s, the large Bramble Bunny comes with a chocolate plaque which can be personalised making it a little bit more special.

One of the 5 for £20 Easter treats from Thorntons.

£6.50, 155g.

1kg Lindt Gold Bunny
The 1kg Lindt Gold Bunny, a giant version of the famous Lindt Gold Bunny, milk chocolate shaped into a cute bunny for Easter and wrapped in gold foil with a real working bell on a ribbon round it’s neck.

The fun, and very large, chocolate bunny from Lindt is available to buy online from the Easter chocolate department at Selfridges.

£49.99, 1000g/1kg.

Labelled: Vegetarian and Alcohol Free.