Chococo Union Jack Easter Egg

Chococo Union Jack Easter Egg

A milk chocolate and white chocolate egg, hand decorated with the Union Jack flag on the outside and a surprise on the inside; the Union Jack Egg, an Easter egg with a difference from Chococo.

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Made mainly with milk chocolate, 41% Venezuelan, the egg is then covered in a layer of white chocolate creating the base for the beautiful flag design.

The egg is then generously hand piped using white chocolate, coloured with all natural colourings, to create the eye-catching Union Jack flag. Because the eggs are handmade each egg is unique; your very own, delicious, work of chocolate art.

The inside of the egg has been studded with red fruits, making it just as exciting as the outside. Freeze-dried strawberries and raspberries have been liberally sprinkled inside the egg and then covered with a layer of more milk chocolate, creating a beautiful textured layer. When you crack and break the egg up the fruits peek out giving you wonderful flashes of bright red against the chocolate background.

With three different layers; the white chocolate, the milk chocolate and the fruit, each mouthful is slightly different. Sometimes the milk comes through on top with beautiful cocoa tones, other times it is blended with the white chocolate creating a smoother creamier chocolate, and now and then you get the sweetness and tang from the raspberries and strawberries. As you bite through the shell of the egg, not only do you the satisfying snap of chocolate but also the subtle differences between the two types of chocolate followed by the crisp crunch from some of the honeycomb textured fruit pieces and chewiness from others – each mouthful different and a delightful.

This beautiful egg stands approximately 140mm tall, it’s a little hard to measure accurately because of the white chocolate decoration, and is presented in a box with cut-out windows so you can see the egg inside.

There is a slight problem with the box, the eggs are held in place by two cardboard supports with holes in – unfortunately these rub against the egg creating scratches and dents, noticeable but forgivable as it doesn’t cause a lot of damage or ruin the egg.

A visual feast with ever changing flavours and wonderful textures, superbly made and presented – highly recommended.

£12.95, 175g.