Chococo Springtime Easter Egg

Chococo Springtime Easter Egg

NEW for Easter 2014 is the Springtime egg from Chococo, a milk chocolate full of the joys of spring!

The Chococo Springtime Easter Egg has spring themed chocolates inside and the outside is decorated with squiggles of daffodil yellow, naturally, coloured white chocolate.

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The egg shell is made with 43% cocoa milk chocolate, of Venezuelan origin, and made the Chococo way, layers of chocolate one on top of the other so the get a thick shell with subtle texture. The outermost layer of the egg is decorated with lines white chocolate, coloured yellow, in a squiggly zigzag pattern, giving the Springtime egg a fresh and fun appearance.

When you crack open, or smash or nibble – depending on your preference, you find the spring themed chocolates: chocolate butterflies and chocolate flowers in 70% dark chocolate from Grenada and 30% cocoa butter white chocolate.

Inside the Chococo Springtime Easter Egg

As far as I know all of the Chococo Springtime Easter eggs have the same chocolates inside, two white chocolate butterflies and four dark chocolate flowers shared equally between to two milk chocolate egg halves.

For a few years now Chococo have been making the very popular and award winning dinosaur egg, I personally believe the dinosaur egg is unisex but I can understand some people thinking it is just for boys. The springtime egg is now the perfect egg to accompany the dinosaur egg, the Springtime egg has almost exactly the same amount of chocolate inside and is the same style egg, which makes it the perfect egg to buy for a girl if you are getting the dinosaur egg for a boy. Or vice-versa if the girl is a budding palaeontologist and the boy a green fingered botanist.

As ever the Chococo milk chocolate is cocoa rich and full of flavour, the dark chocolate is aromatic with a slight bitterness and the white chocolate is smooth and creamy.

A fun and tasty spring themed egg, the perfect partner to the dinosaur egg.

£12.95 inc P&P, 175g, from Chococo in Dorset.