Chococo Popping Candy Easter Egg

Chococo Crackletastic Egg with Popping Candy

A fun milk chocolate Easter egg, hand decorated on the outside, studded with chocolate beans and popping candy on the inside, the fantastic Crackletastic Egg from Chococo.

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The egg shell is decorated with stripes of white chocolate; in grouped parallel lines in a similar layout to the Union Jack and where the lines cross over in the centre of the egg, both front and back, there is a milk chocolate button decorated with a star pattern, the domed side of the button is attached to the egg and the patterned flat side is on show.

Chococo have used a blend of Criollo and Trinitario cocoa beans to create a wonderful, 43% cocoa, milk chocolate with a beautifully rich flavour, you really feel like you have eaten good chocolate!

The chocolate beans inside add a splash of colour, and some extra texture to the chocolate but the real star is the popping candy. It pops and cracks as you bite through it and gentle fizzes away while you enjoy the chocolate.

Chococo Popping Candy Easter Egg Shell

If you have never tried popping candy in an Easter egg, or in chocolate for that matter, try this egg! Space Dust, Cosmic Dust, Pop Rocks, Fizz Wiz and other popping candy brands are flavoured or flavour enhanced, the popping candy Chococo use is flavour neutral, so it does not affect the delicious chocolate, it just adds some fun.

The Crackletastic Egg is an updated version of the Chococo’s Fizzing Fun Easter Egg, the chocolate has more cocoa content, up 2% from 41% to 43%, which gives the milk chocolate more flavour. The outside of the egg is a little more unisex, making it ideal for boys or girls, and I personally think it has more popping candy inside.

All Chococo Easter eggs are made in England, the chocolate beans use natural flavours, the star pattern is of course edible and the chocolate, in this egg, is made with cocoa beans from Venezuela.

Great chocolate with a good flavour and a fun side, really worth trying.

£12.95 inc P&P, 175g, from Chococo in Dorset.