Chococo Mini Dorset Duck Eggs

The Chococo Mini Dorset Duck Eggs have changed since 2011 and are now the Milk Chocolate Rattle Eggs.

Chococo Mini Dorset Duck Eggs

Six brightly coloured foil wrapped mini chocolate duck eggs handmade in Purbeck, Dorset, presented real egg boxes, in a choice of two colours.

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The eggs are about the size of a standard chicken egg, approximately 60mm tall, and weigh 25g each.

Cast in milk chocolate the adorable eggs have a second coating of chocolate on top, this not only gives the outside of the eggs a swirling marbled pattern, but also extra texture. As you bite through the chocolate you have the crisper crunch of the outer layer along with the snap of the milk chocolate shell beneath – subtle but very enjoyable.

Hidden inside each of the Chococo mini Dorset duck eggs is a sweet treat; chocolate covered crisp honeycombe, plump raisins and crunchy hazelnuts, naturally coloured jellybeans, chocolate beans and a solid chocolate ducking.

I personally think these would make wonderful alternative, to a standard Easter egg, for kids. Not only do you have a choice of a pink and blue box, but also you can get them in dark chocolate version (in a yellow box), exactly the same eggs, the same choices and sizes – but dairy free! So if you have one child who is dairy intolerant and one who isn’t they can have almost the same chocolate for Easter.

Fun, bright Easter eggs made from quality chocolate, which has been well designed and executed – very appealing, a firm favourite of mine!

£11.95, 150g.