Chococo Lemon & Raspberry Easter Egg

Chococo’s Lemon & Raspberry Easter Egg, a milk chocolate egg with candied lemon and dried raspberries, a colourful and scrumptious Easter egg from Chococo.

Chococo Lemon & Raspberry Easter Egg

New for Easter 2015 and made with 43% cocoa, Venezuelan, milk chocolate the Chococo Lemon & Raspberry Easter Egg is decorated on the outside with swirls and splashes of white and pink, which is naturally coloured white chocolate, and the inside of the egg is studded with candied lemon and dried raspberries.

Lemon and raspberry doesn’t sound like a flavour combination that’s goes well with chocolate, it sounds too sharp and sour, but one thing in have learnt is that chocolate changes flavours and how the flavours are prepared also makes a difference.

The raspberry is freeze dried so you get a little crunch with a bust of zesty raspberry flavour and as the lemon is candied it’s sweet with just the taste of lemon, with no bitterness or sharpness.

Chococo Lemon & Raspberry Easter Egg

When you crack open the egg, you are presented with a layers of milk chocolate covering the fruit inside; large chunky sections of candied lemon and small pieces of raspberry with a hint of colour showing through.

It is not until you crack the shell the true colours show appears, bright reds and mellow yellows emerge from the brown chocolate.

Sweet and sticky with bursts of fruit which work perfectly with the rich milk chocolate, a fun egg with texture, flavour and a splash of colour – a must try!

£9.50, 175g

Labelled: Vegetarian and Gluten Free.