Chococo Lemon Meringue Easter Egg

Chococo Lemon Meringue Easter Egg

Chococo’s lemon meringue Easter egg, a milk chocolate egg covered in a layer of white chocolate with lemon and meringue inside.

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All of Chococo’s Easter eggs are presented in bright and bold Easter egg boxes, in the Chococo colours with windows in the side so you can see the egg inside, these windows really show off the outside of the lemon meringue egg, drizzles and splats of bright yellow, naturally coloured white, chocolate on a white chocolate background.

As you open the box you get a gentle aroma of sweet lemon mixed with warm cocoa.

Chococo make their Easter eggs in layers, layers of milk chocolate covered by a layer of white chocolate, because of this when you crack open the egg it tends to shatter and splinter a little, but it does give the shell a texture I adore. The inside of the egg is packed with pieces of meringue and strips of candied lemon.

Inside the Chococo Lemon Meringue Easter Egg

I am a huge fan of tarte au citron and really sour, citric acid, sweets. Because of the aroma and the name of the egg I was expecting the Chococo lemon meringue Easter egg to be acidy and sour combined with very sweet, but it is completely wrong. The balance of flavours is spot on, creamy white chocolate with 43% cocoa milk chocolate, mixed with sweet and crisp meringue and the gentle flavour of lemon from the chewy candied lemon, a light and refreshing combination of texture and flavour.

A light Easter egg which tastes just as good as it looks, fun and fresh.

£12.95, 175g, available direct from Chococo.