Chococo Fizzing Fun Easter Egg

The Chococo Fizzing Fun Easter Egg is no longer available; however other wonderful Chococo eggs are available on their website.

Chococo Milk Chocolate Fizzing Fun Egg

A handmade milk chocolate Easter egg from Chococo, decorated with coloured white chocolate and “studded” on the inside with chocolate beans and popping candy!

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This delicious egg is made with 41% cocoa, Venezuelan carenero superior, milk chocolate. The egg shell is then hand piped in a diagonal, horizontal and vertical criss-cross pattern using coloured white chocolate, coloured with natural colourings, the three colours; orange, pink and green which stand out against the gloss of the chocolate creating a striking and eye-catching design.

Chococo Fizzy Fun Milk Chocolate Easter Egg Buttons

The inside of the egg is just as colourful as the stripy outside, it contains chocolate beans in a variety of colours, think grown up over sized Smarties, and hidden under a layer of more chocolate is the popping candy or Space Dust, depending on your age, little rocks waiting to explode as you bite into them.

Because Chococo make good quality milk chocolate, made with 41% cocoa compared to standard milk chocolate which averages 31%, it is less sweet and has much more flavours, smooth and mellow without being too over powering. But this egg is just about great flavours and good quality chocolate, there are also the chocolate beans and popping candy; the beans give a great crunch and added texture as you bite through then and the popping candy pops and fizzes – and as they are sprinkled inside the egg you get different amounts with each mouthful. I personally found that if you let the chocolate melt in your mouth you get much more of the fizzing, exploding and popping from the candy than you do biting it.

A fun egg made with quality milk chocolate, handmade and decorated with chocolate beans and fun popping candy – would bring a smile to anybody’s face!

£12.95, 175g.