Chococo Dinosaur Easter Egg

Chococo Dinosaur Easter Egg

The Dorset dinosaur chocolate egg, a milk chocolate Easter egg covered with a layer of decorated white chocolate and chocolate dinosaurs hidden inside.

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It is easy to see why this is Chococo’s bestselling Easter egg, when you open the brightly coloured box you are greeted with a white chocolate egg speckled with dark chocolate, which has a wonderful glossy sheen.

As you crack the dinosaur egg open you get the delightful aroma of quality milk chocolate and inside pressed into the sides of the egg are a selection of dinosaurs* and ammonites in either dark chocolate or white chocolate.

The shell has the characteristic snap of quality chocolate with a good cocoa flavour from the milk chocolate and is made even creamier by the layer of white chocolate on the outside, melt in the mouth delicious.

Chococo Dinosaur Easter Egg Shell with Dinosaur

The chocolate shapes inside are the same high quality, the dark chocolate is rich but not too strong with a hint of bitterness and the white chocolate is scrumptiously smooth.

A fun, well-made chocolate Easter egg, perfect for children, budding palaeontologists and lovers of good chocolate – definitely one to try.

£9.50, 175g.

Save 15% when you buy two Chococo Dinosaur Easter eggs for £22.00, both prices include p&p.

* dinosaurs not to scale!