Caramel Scrambled Egg & Salted Caramels

Caramel Scrambled Egg & Salted Caramels

A milk caramel chocolate “Scrambled Egg” with six salted caramels from Hotel Chocolat.

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Made from caramel flavoured milk chocolate, the egg is decorated with hand piped dark chocolate and naturally coloured white chocolates, giving the “scrambled” look and making each one unique.

The egg has beautiful sweet caramel aroma which escapes when you open the box, the milk chocolate is smooth and creamy with a mellow caramel flavour subtlety changes with each mouthful depending on the amount of white or dark chocolate, so the chocolate is different with each bite.

As if the striking egg wasn’t enough by itself, it also comes with a box of six salted caramel chocolates, each chunky chocolate is square with the a square Union Jack design and finished with the Hotel Chocolat “wax seal” in the same colour as the white chocolate on the egg.

This is my favourite egg so far this year, a good balance of caramel to chocolate, wow factor and wonderful flavour nuances. The Caramel Easter Egg is one of five luxury Scrambled Eggs from Hotel Chocolat. I just wish I could have them all.

£15.00, 220g.

Labelled: Vegetarian and Alcohol Free.