Cadbury’s Biggest Easter Egg Hamper

Cadbury’s biggest Easter egg hamper, a real wicker hamper filled with a selection of chocolate Easter eggs, in all sizes, from Cadbury Gifts Direct.

Cadbury's Biggest Easter Egg Hamper

Cadbury’s Ultimate Easter Basket, to give it its proper name, is the largest of three wicker hampers filled with Cadbury chocolate for Easter. Cadbury’s Ultimate Easter Basket is not only the biggest Easter egg hamper has the most Easter eggs inside.

Packed with section of Cadbury Easter classics, and new Easter eggs for 2017, in a variety of sizes, the Cadbury Easter eggs in the Cadbury’s biggest Easter egg hamper:

Four larger Cadbury Easter eggs:

  • The Cadbury Heroes egg, a milk chocolate egg with a selection of Cadbury Heroes, mini chocolate bars, in a bag.
  • A Cadbury Creme Egg, the large milk chocolate egg Cadbury Creme Easter Egg with two mini eggs, Cadbury Creme Egg filled with a sweet fondant centre.
  • A Cadbury Wispa Egg, a milk chocolate egg with mini Wispa bars.
  • The Cadbury Twirl Easter egg, Cadbury Twirl bars and a hollow egg.

Three medium sized eggs, Cadbury Mini Eggs egg, Cadbury Buttons Egg and the new Cadbury Dairy Milk & Mini Oreo Easter Egg.

Mini eggs:

  • A tube of Cadbury Mini Eggs.
  • A pack of five, yes five not six *cough*, Cadbury Creme Eggs.
  • A bag of Dairy Easter Mini Mix Eggs.
  • A bag of Dairy Milk Egg Minis.
  • A carton of Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo Egg ‘n’ Spoon.

Easter Chocolate:

  • A limited edition Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar, Spring Edition.
  • A Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons Chick.

That’s a rather impressive ten Easter eggs and a lot mini eggs, presented a twenty inch traditional wicker basket, with buckles and leather straps.

Cadbury’s Largest Easter Egg Hamper is an online exclusive and only available to buy online from Cadbury.

£65, a massive 2.5kg of Cadbury chocolate! (approximately 2556g).

Labelled: Vegetarian. While most of the chocolate and eggs in the hamper are Gluten Free, the Oreo eggs are not Gluten Free.